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We are committed to understanding you. We realise that although we are experts in anatomy, biomechanics, manual therapy and exercise, it is ultimately you who is most important. By understanding your history, your concerns, your usual day and your goals, we are better able to align with you.

RHP Physiotherapy has a long history of expert care and leadership in the field of physiotherapy and health. Our care, knowledge, skills, and standards are a simple few examples that you will experience a different level of service.


John Paul College is one of Queensland’s largest and most progressive private, independent, co-educational schools with a reputation for offering  students a contemporary learning experience, supported by comprehensive co-curricular performing arts and sporting programs which have seen many Fast Track Athletes taking up scholarships at JPC .

Fast Track Athletics is fully committed to getting our sponsors the exposure they deserve.

Our members and thier families are committed to using our sponsors services whenever possible.
Here are some of the ways we can benifit sponsors.

At every competition we attend we place a 3 mtr club banner on the fence for all in attendance to see who our supporters are.
The standard of our athletes means they are always featured in newspaper articles where we can put the sponsors banner in the background for every reader to see giving you free exposure and brand recognition.
Every website page people visit has a sponsors banner below it, as well as the main scrolling banner on our home page, you will always be seen.
You will have a full information page under this "sponsors page" and where we put links back to your own website.
We can do regular facebook and front page website stories or specials from our sponsors, simply e-mail us anything you want posted and we do the rest. We can also put you're business cards or flyers on display for people to take as needed from our training venues, and club house.

Above all you will be warm in the feeling that you are helping a community based sporting club that truly cares about its members and Athletes.
Sponsorship is used for such things as Equipment, uniforms, travel, trophies etc.
Sponsorship doesn't have to be a donation it can also be goods or services.

Lets help each other grow.
Please contact us to find out how you can help.
If you would simply like to make a smaller cash donation to Fast Track Athletics click the Paypal icon below, it will be put to good use.



fast track athletics
fast track athletics
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