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This Album is reserved for the most improved athletes of the year

This is an exremely difficult selection process and is voted on by the Fast Track Committee and coaches.

All the below Athletes displayed the qualities that Fast Track Athletics strives for  and all achieved amazing things in athletics.

         2016 MOST IMPROVED 

                                 JARMILLIA MURPHY - KNIGHT


         2015 MOST IMPROVED 

                                    CHEKOLE GETENET


fast track athletics
fast track athletics

         2014 MOST IMPROVED 

                                            SEKOU KANNEH


fast track athletics

                   2013 MOST IMPROVED 

                                        GOT MALUAL


got malual
liam burnett
toby marks

         2011 MOST IMPROVED

                        LIAM BURNETT    



                                             LIAM BURNETT                                                                        MIRANDA RICKETTS


         2012 MOST IMPROVED

              TOBY MARKS   

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